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The predecessor of the School of Education at Central China Normal University can be traced back to the Department of Philosophy of Education established by Zhonghua University in 1922 and the Department of Education established by Huazhong University in 1924. In 1952, the Departments of Education of Huazhong University, Zhonghua University, National Hubei Institute of Education and Zhongyuan University were merged to form the Department of Education of Central China Normal University, which was renamed the Department of Education of Central China Normal University in 1985 and the College of Education Science of Central China Normal University in 1993. In 2005, the School of Education of Central China Normal University was established by the former Department of Education, Institute of Education Science, Central South Teachers Training Center of the Ministry of Education, Hubei Putonghua Training and Testing Center, Curriculum Research Center and Education Evaluation Center of Central China Normal University.

The School has 91 staff members, including 74 full-time academics (27 professors, 33 associate professors, and 14 lecturers). 68 have doctoral degrees, accounting for more than 92% of the total faculty. The current enrollment of undergraduate students at our school is over 800, with more than 800 postgraduates, over 300 doctoral students, nearly 90 international students, and around 20 postdoctoral fellows.

Adhering to the School motto of "preaching and teaching, clear vision and practice", and carrying forward the college spirit of "moral truth, harmony and innovation", the college has formed a complete personnel training system from undergraduate to doctoral levels. It has doctoral programs in the first-level discipline of education, master's degree authorization and post-doctoral research mobile station of education. Master's and doctoral personnel training cover all second-level disciplines of education. The School has four undergraduate programs: education, early childhood education, special education, and inclusive education. The education program has been approved as the national first-class undergraduate major, the characteristic specialty construction point of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education and Finance, and the undergraduate brand major of higher education institutions of Hubei Province. The early childhood education program was approved as the national first-class undergraduate major and the National Excellent Kindergarten Teacher Training Plan reform project. The special education program was approved by the national level First-class undergraduate major, selected into the Jingchu Excellent Teacher Collaborative Education Plan of ordinary undergraduate universities in Hubei Province. The inclusive education program is the first undergraduate major approved by the Ministry of Education in China and was selected into the first batch of new liberal arts research and reform practice projects of the Ministry of Education.

School of Education is equipped with three departments, five research institutes, and three affiliated colleges, namely, the Department of Education, the Department of Early Childhood Education, the Department of Special Education, the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching, the Institute of Educational History and Comparative Education, the Institute of Educational Economics and Management, the Institute of Higher Education, the Institute of Teacher Education, the College of Inclusive Education, the College of Early Education, and the College of Family Education. The School established three teaching and research offices; the research of Xi Jinping general secretary expounded on education, commonality pedagogy, and blend pedagogy. Three key research bases of humanities and social sciences in Hubei Province, including the Research Center of Basic Education, the Research Center of Moral Education in Schools, and the National Institute of Education Governance. Curriculum Research Center, primary and Secondary School Development Research Center, Preschool Education Research Center, Tao Xingzhi International Research Center, Cultural Education Classics Research Center, China Ecological Civilization Education Research Center, Early Education Research Center, China Education Management Research Center, Education Professional Degree Graduate Education Center, Teacher Education Development Research Center and other university-level research centers. It has teaching and research venues, such as a modern educational technology Laboratory, special education Laboratory, inclusive education Laboratory, preschool comprehensive art education laboratory, early education experimental teaching center, reference room, etc. The school also hosts two national education core journals, includingEducation Research and Experiment andEducation and Economy.

The School attaches great importance to research, platform construction and discipline development, and talent cultivation. Its research in the fields of subject education theory, history of educational activities, educational policy and governance, in-depth teaching, institutional moral education, rural education, and teacher education has exerted extensive influence. The pedagogy teaching team was selected as the national teaching team, and the Freshman Seminar (Introduction to Education Professional Development) teaching team was the teaching team of the Ministry of Education. The curriculum and management teaching team and special education teaching team were selected for the provincial teaching team of undergraduate colleges in Hubei Province, and the Early Childhood Education Teaching and Research office was selected for the outstanding grass-roots teaching organization of undergraduate colleges in Hubei Province Pedagogy has entered the ranks of national first-class discipline construction, the college Party Committee has been selected as the founding unit of the national college Party building benchmarking department, the second Party branch of the teaching staff has been selected as the model party branch of the national College Party building work, and the third Party branch of the teaching staff has been rated as "advanced grass-roots Party organization" by the Hubei Provincial Committee of Education and Work.

With Party building as the guide, education as the core, reform as the driving force, and discipline as the guide, the New Era of the School of Education gathers the wisdom and strength of all the people in the school, constantly adheres to innovation, and makes unremitting efforts to build an educational discipline with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese manner and to make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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